what i found at work in Western Australia

Article created on November 16th,2014

leiproctus, the bee that digs.

This is a type of bee that I found in the south of Western Australia, at a work site. there was a section of the work site which had a lot of  lack insects flying around. When i first saw them I thought they were fly’s. On closer inspection I looked at the ground around where the insects were flying and saw that there were, holes in little mounds of upturned soil. I sat and looked at the holes and observed for about 10 minutes. It was then I saw the insect going in the holes and they had  white pollen attached to their legs. I did some quick research about the type of native bees that live south western Australia.

The ground around where the bee’s  were is close to a boiler  overflow drain, which heats up the ground which I think that this is what was attracting the bee’s to lay in the warm ground. They dig holes, sometimes up to a meter , and lay larvae in the ground and then let them gestate. The bee s dig the boles and line the bottom with a propolis type resin and then lay eggs, and feed them a honey pollen mix. When the larvae are old enough they will dig their way out and become a bee.

After a few weeks I noticed that the parent bees had taken off. A few weeks later the holes started to deteriorate and fall in. I observed that the holes had stopped being maintained and it had been long enough to know that the larvae had gestated and left.