Whats happening Now

Article created on February 28th,2014

Well 2014 saw a year where Australia’s honey productions was around 50% less. This was said to be from environmental reasons such as flood drought fire and other unforeseen factors. This highlights the need for us to be consciously aware of the factors that play a part in the health of the bees.

There has been a lot of energy put into trying to find out what is affecting the bees around the world. There is new in depth research which is looking at a broader range of likely suspects withing the range of fungicides that until now have been thought to have had no effect on bees.

Systemic pesticides and  other chemicals used in agriculture all have an effect on insects, some are immediate and some are accumulative, meaning it takes a while for the residues to build up and then cause an effect with in the colony or individual insect.