Bellingen Bee Sanctuary was conceived in 2010. It was a few years after the phrase Colony Collapse Disorder was first used in the wider world media. Colony Collapse Disorder is killing thousands of hives every year around the world. There has been no direct link to any one cause, but it is suggested that it is a cumulative reaction to modern farming techniques and chemical usage in our ecosystems. This is being seen as a potential hazard for our pollinators and the micro system in which they live. People were beginning to talk about what the world would be like without bees.

At that time, I was getting in to bees and beekeeping, and had started a few hives with a  friend who was keeping suburban bees. I had started to build Northbank Community Garden where the bees were kept and was thinking global and acting local. With this ethos I started thinking about how our local community could become involved in learning about, getting involved with and protecting bees.

The idea behind the Bellingen Bee Sanctuary is to try and come up with solutions through conversation and local actions, to promote the reduction of pesticide, herbicide and fungicide use and change over to non-harmful alternatives  in our public spaces, farms and back yards. It is about everyone playing a role in the survival of bees by declaring the property where you reside a bee sanctuary and creating a space that encourages and helps the pollinated world. We can all play a part by talking to people who use chemicals about alternatives, and growing beneficial plants to encourage pollinators into your garden.

On this site you can find information about bees, bee keeping and steps you can take at your home to provide a healthy environment for bees. We encourage everyone to contact us, share their knowledge, ask a question, become a member and declare your home a bee sanctuary – Get involved!